Ben’s Testimonial Hot-line

I value your opinion…

I am always interested in gathering feedback from my visitors, customers, loyal team members and business partners alike.

If you are currently doing business with me or have done so in the past, please call my personal testimonial line and leave me a short testimonial regarding your experience with me.

864.610.8031 Box 3

Thank you in advance for your honest feedback.


What Others Are Saying:

“This is Eli Ohyon. I’ve been involved with Kee Solutions for a handful of years. I’ve managed to go from working at a fast-food restaurant to making thousands of dollars with the systems and strategies that Ben shared with me.”

Eli Ohyon – Louisville, KY.


“Benjamin Kee is a true leader and a great friend to have around. He is very motivated and an educational teacher and an asset to have as a business partner and mentor. You da Man!!”

Gigi Fernando – Sandiego, CA.

“I’m just going to get straight to the point.  I am not a network marketer but I have known Benjamin Kee for 13 years and a lot of my personal confidence has grown from the true friendship I have developed with him.  His entire outlook towards life is quite inspiring… not necessarily just with regards to business but concerning the journey of life itself.   It’s all about the motivation he gives. From what I’ve seen and know personally, people put their trust in Ben and when others trust a person, that in itself tells you a lot about that individual.  If you have ever thought about working from home, and want to work with someone who won’t just ‘leave you in the shadows,’ then Ben is your man!”

Emanuel Young – Greenville, South Carolina

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